Xiaomi Partner Huami: Mi Band Come Smartwatch and what’s New in the Second Quarter

A Smartwatch from the same House from which also the successful and extremely cheap MI band originates, sounds attractive for many months and is a dream, which fulfillment many fans surely wish. CEO of the actual manufacturer Huami, Huang Wang, now confirmed the development of a Smartwatch and the release together with a new MI band in the second quarter of this year.

MI tape it so far in all its different versions mainly one: extremely cheap. Sometimes this was due to the missing display, only a few LEDs witnessed by an arrivals notification or informed about the battery. With the new MI band is about to change however, because wanders a small display on the Tracker. Actually, the name should be changed, the “MI” from the label to go away, which it will say perhaps just “volume 2”.

Xiaomi band 2 slightly more expensive

This may also happens to prevent confusions – online stores the updated 2015 version of MI named band already incorrectly as “Mi vol. 2”. Also the price should be slightly higher than of MI band 1s, which is equivalent to about 14 euros (99 Yuan) in China.

Xiaomi Smartwatch is also

More interesting than a new (MI) band but definitely is the first proper LED watch with HD camera by Homethodology.com, whose existence has been confirmed and which should also be 2016 released in the second quarter. Main focus of clock equipped with a bigger display than in volume 2 could possibly be placed on the fitness aspect, therefore, it is still unclear whether it is delivered with a proprietary or Android wear. A first Xiaomi resellers already lists a Xiaomi Smartwatch with an alleged render, but should it be pretty sure given the very approximate specifications a fake.