With Built-In Pedometer Watches Buying Guide

You certainly know pedometers to slip into the pocket or hang on to your clothes, which are usually quite small and may be forgotten. If, for more practice, and are looking for additional options you head for pedometers watches, you will not be disappointed. Accompanying you on your wrist, during your session, sports or at other times of the day the watch will particularly suit to experts who will find complete equipment, but also to novices who will appreciate its ease of use.

While surfing on the net, with a quick comparison, you will surely find models of pedometers watches at discount prices, to make a purchase that fits you as much at the level of the product price. As most for both men and women, you should inquire about the models available for sale or make tests to see the strengths and flaws of those that you are presented. Here is the overview of ContreMaMontre of these famous sports with built-in pedometer watches!

Sports with Pedometer – Watch how it works?

Your arm, this accessory, calculates that after you are have filled personal data such as your weight and the average length of your stride, as and where you move the number of steps you have done, how far you’ve traveled and the calories you’ve burned. Waterproof models will follow you also in water, which is convenient if you are swimming or triathlon.

The other main functions that to decline according to the models are the monitor, the pulse, calculating the average speed and in real time, stopwatch, thermometer, an altimeter, and/or a compass… and since it is a watch: time.

What a difference it has with a conventional pedometer would you say? And already, by definition, form. More voluminous, the watch will have often additional options such as GPS for running, cycling or hiking (or among the above functions) and a screen with more information, depending on the model of course.

In addition, you have no risk of distorting the data in wrong positioning. Integrated with this equipment on your wrist, the pedometer is unlikely to move, without the hassle so far. The opinion of experts and users, men and women, is favourable on many forums. And that’s not counting on the fact that most of our objects are now connected.

Pedometers watches latest will have the possibility to transfer data via bluetooth to your smartphone, iPhone or other Samsung or Sony, equipped with Android and more rarely of Windows Phone, or to your computer. Processed in a playful way, you can analyze these data yourself and set you new goals based on your current physical form.

You have to go to work, for a race walk well prepared, a last-minute jog, hike, swim, or a mix of everything this kind trail/triathlon, the Pedometer Watch that suits you will be your best ally motivation and health! On sale in specialised stores (Sport 2000, Decathlon) or online on the website of Fnac and other sites, Amazon will offer you most of the time the most competitive prices and you will receive a fast and free delivery!

Watches pedometers available on internet

Include all first of brands that will offer quality watches with features we talked about: Casio with two models for man, Sigma, Garmin – who has a review for her alone, Suunto, Oregon Scientific, Pyle, or Beurer. [See our comparison of Garmin pedometer and Oregon Scientific pedometers]

These are the best-known models, with which you will be sure to have a good product and prices that will not necessarily be very expensive, with the exception of Suunto and Garmin, who specialize in the high-end of the multi-sport watches.

But these aren’t the only ones! To get a little more in detail, some products that you may be less an opportunity to meet for yourself because less known: the Sector brand with Amazon model Expander for man. You can learn more about how to choose these cardio for man watches and watches cardio for women with CMM comparisons.

For a pretty decent price, its design is well thought out with a comfortable to wear white resin bracelet. In addition to the time, the day and the date she pedometer function, what you are looking! It is also waterproof and resists the pressure under water. Its backlight and digital display easy to read screen, and its complementary functions are pretty simple with speed measurement, thermometer and timer.

Other brand, Sportline offers this time one man with the Men’s Solo 915 to the black and gray look quite masculine. Not only a pedometer, this watch is a heart rate monitor without chest strap.

It is waterproof up to 30 meters deep. With a countdown, an alarm, a calendar, the date and time, you have all the advantages of a real watch with additional options that will delight the most active who want to know their rate of movements during the day or while jogging. Sold around 60 euros, it’s an entry level model not expensive which will appeal to those who do not wish to combine the options that their would be useless.


In conclusion, the purchase that you make depends on your expectations and your level of training. Indeed, the entry level are sufficient to choose for those who wish to manually monitor their daily activity and benefit at the same time a real watch to wear at all times.

For those who want to focus more on the function of custom coach, then you should rather seek among the Nike products that you can know by reading this comparison, Garmin or Suunto for more advanced features.

The price will be so adapted accordingly for these very complete accessories. Another advantage, they will be connected, which means that you will be able to transfer the data collected by your watch to a smartphone (Android, iPhone, or Windows Mobile more rarely), and analyze it using specific applications for each brand. More than a sports watch, at this level there you you will have a true guide specific to your wrist coach and fitness , will motivate you to stay in shape.



Smartwatch buying guide

Smartwatch buying guide

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