Will It Win The War of The Smartwatch Apple Although It Is Losing That of The Design?

We have been with them in the windows from 2012 but it seems that it has now come the time of the smartwatch. With the Apple proposal already in the market and the manufacturers Android reinforcing their ranges with new releases as the second generation of the Moto360 and the round Samsung, more complete than earlier versions, the smartwatch is no longer last year unknown.

But, who is in a better position to? win the first great war of the smartwatch? You prevail design, price or platform? Let’s see how is the situation just before the great age of sales of the year and that it will be part of the future of some models.

Two years in search of round design and Apple reach teasing him

It was beyond 2012 when Sony head was launched to the market with an accessory that we can consider as the first that could receive the designation of smartwatch. At Engadget, we tested it and what we then offered for 129 euros (what has happened since then) today seem us of imitation smartwatch. Only notifications of calls and messages, little more. It unnoticed so that today (almost) nobody remembers him as the pioneer and give that honorific title to a clock that coming even after the Smartwatch 2 Sony, has been that more noise generated. Yes, we are talking about the Motorola Moto360.

The images above, which represent the original Sony smartwatch and the Moto360 of Motorola, I used to “mark” the ways that different brands have decided to travel to give you a design to your smartwatches. The round has finished impose after the entry rotunda of Motorola with its first watch, for months reference on this aspect.

The format of Watch classic, with sphere and watchface with handles has been the most imitated. Samsung, the most prolific in this of the smartwatch, took out its first model, the Galaxy Gear, with a square format that would later repeat with his Gear 2, it came in two versions in 2013. In both cases and despite being in 2014, the design of the terminal was great finish and visual appeal. But it did not have the expected success.

Two years of evolution towards the classic round design looked like they would be consolidated with the arrival of the first watch of Apple, but a year ago jumped the surprise with the Apple Watch

The irruption of models from Motorola, the aforementioned Moto360 and LG G Watch (few months earlier had started his adventure with a square model that went unnoticed), imposed a trend that ended a few days ago with the presentation of a Samsung Advanced watch with round design, the S2 Gear, the first of the company. Had tried it before with a format that made much sense, but again without success: the S Gear with curved screen.

If he had to resurrect to the wristwatch, more or less advanced, the choice of the industry had turned almost entirely to the round format. Comfortable, discreet, very attractive visually, and chasing the nostalgia of who has had or aspired to put a gasket watch on your wrist. The smartwatches of Huawei have also chosen that line, and only among the important under Android Wear (or in the case of Samsung Tizen) have been Sony and ASUS which has maintained its commitment for the square format. Sony has its latest model, the Smartwatch 3 has by now no new representative for 2015, while ASUS can consider it as one upstaged on Android at the level of design students. It already did with its original Zenwatch in square format, and it is still with the Zenwatch 2 who insists that design.

Looking at this history and preference of consumers and brands by the round format, all made us think of a smartwatch from Apple that will replicate this strategy: take the classic format and make your sphere an advanced device screen. But Apple Watch only maintains the classic watch Crown and belt.. Box was decanted by a square format of less visual appeal while finished and details of high-cost clock.

As personal items and fashion watch

That Apple has not already given you to your Watch a round design or us may seem the most appealing design level (Yes is the most complete finish) no diverts the focus that the company had clear that you should give your watch: his spirit of complement, personal object of very inclined fashion gadget. Finishes, with a model of gold, the care of details and the number of options at the level of belts (recently expanded with more colors for affordable aluminum model) make their potential aesthetic (and spending by the consumer) the highest.

Many other manufacturers have teamed up to that strategy with very blatant nod to fashion. Sony, despite having only relevance along with Apple Watch square design, which took out a model with metal finish and the possibility to not Exchange “casing” of plastic but include belts of leather and fur as closer to the classic watch symbol to a technologically advanced product.

Also LG with the Watch Urbane or the Watch of Huawei have complement personal dress design and finishing. In many of those cases, gotten work is superior to the Apple, which incidentally joins forces with brands such as Hermes for some of their belts.

The game of high-end and platform

Given equal specifications between the smartwatches of the market, and that the design at the end is something that has a strong subjective component, price and ecosystem will be two of the barriers to entry that advanced watches should be smooth for consumers.

The two electronics Giants are those who play alone in the smartwatches, opting to take control of their watches as they cannot do other manufacturers with Android Wear

Operating systems concerned two global electronics Giants are those who play single: Samsung has chosen Tizen unfinished renounce Android Wear, while Apple has Watch OS and exclusive compatibility with your iPhone. In the case of Android Wear there is opening for those who own a smartphone with iOS and prefer what they have to offer a clock with Android Wear.

In the case of Apple and Samsung with Tizen how powerful is that control of the manufacturers on the operating system is much greater than that lets Android Wear, and that, currently, marks the user experience. We’ll see who gets best internal developments and external developers takes. Apple starts with clear advantage in both aspects.

The value of Samsung and Apple with their own systems is currently offering the best experience in a smartwatch

Other manufacturers who have chosen Android Wear will be an precipice rather than save: compete with each other to divide up a market share that Apple has all your stub. We will see what impact comes Wear for iOS and the level of development of this adventure because it may be important.

In Android Wear there are more models to choose from and almost all of them struggling at prices below (or even very below) of the most basic Apple Watch. But then come the financial results and the gain of each Watch sold Apple will stop a stretch as huge as it is now the smartphone world. And it has no direct competition in this Apple by now.