Two Screens in a Smartwatch: Lenovo Believes That It Is a Good Idea and Has a Concept

The Lenovo Tech World He is giving much, something which we can consider as normal that the Chinese company move its powerful machinery. We have seen real products as a new ThinkPad or a competitor to Chromecast, but also some very special concepts, such as the mobile phone with projector Lenovo Smart Cast, or the protagonist that occupies us this news.

In the second group of news we have a clock, Lenovo Magic View, It is characterized by having two screens in the same device, without breaking this vision we have of a “traditional” smartwatch excessively.

We see the second screen is one area twenty times greater than what we can see on a screen of a smartwatch

It is a strange present, since it is difficult to explain how the novelty without having been in the china fair. In short, we could say that Magic View has with a second screen at the bottom, on the belt. It contents will be as if we had a much larger on the wrist display.

That second screen can be considered as “viewing private”, because there is that we must look at it in a way specific to be able to view the content. They describe it as an “optical reflection” that well we could compare with what we see when we look a viewfinder of a camera’s latest generation.

The main screen is as the of any other smartwatch we have known to date, with touch control, many colors and circular design. The interesting thing about the proposal is in the interaction between both screens, Since at any time we can launch into the “big” screen content, to display them in better conditions.

Little more information there is about the concept, it works on Android Wear, materials and construction are comparable to any watch Premium has been on the market, and that could well be taken as a basis to your 360 Motorola.