Tim Cook: “We Open Our Car with Apple Watch”

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has to be excited about what is going to present at the keynote on March 9. More than anything because not to travel and discuss things that until now were own rumors, something not common in an Apple Executive. The latest was an interview with The Telegraph, where He asserted that we can use the Apple Watch to open our cars.

Open a car without keys is, by now, something quite common in some models due to a thick piece of plastic that unlocks the vehicle whenever it is near (will now good to open the car while we are loaded, for example). But this integration with Apple Watch You can go beyond to long, being able to display information on screen or even integrating with CarPlay.

Tim has also said that for the first time, the first customers consider the fashion factor to buy an Apple product. People worry if your Watch fits well with the style of clothing or lives they lead, for example. In addition, he is convinced that the clock will be charging much more value as time goes and this is able to do much more thanks to the work of the developers.

Finally, the Executive has admitted in front of some of the employees of the shop in Covent Garden in London to the Apple Store will undergo a change to adapt to all these developments and the approach of merging the world of fashion and style with the of personal electronics. It is something that we had already heard rumors related to Angela Ahrendts, but that now leave directly from the mouth of his boss. Little by little the doubts go by clearing.