This Website We Will Allow to Know The Functioning Part of The Apps from The Apple Watch

You thought that already had read enough of the Apple Watch, as still tell you, and expect that next week will be higher, and action is missing despite having news related to Apple watch practically every day, still know the official announcements from Cupertino.

One of those doubts is about from the application performance which will be available from the day 1 for Apple Watch, where we already have an idea because several developers were invited to Cupertino to help them complete their applications of face to the launch. And now we know a little about them thanks to a website that is equipped with an interactive simulator.

WatchAware is a website that offers Learn more applications that are known they will be available from the first day to Apple Watch, we will see a brief description of the app and we can interact with the clock display and up to the Crown.

These applications are enabled thanks to the same developers, those who they have helped to create such a web, collecting information from your applications, real animations, as well as the operation in some cases of notifications or QuickView, from where we can take a look without opening the application.

Now we can only wait for the keynote on Monday, which will certainly be focused on many new details of Apple Watch and which of course We look forward to more surprises.