The Watch Magazine Tests the Oris Caliber 111

Test now available as download for 2.90 euro

The new hand lift unit caliber 111 marks the return of the brand to the factory manufacturer as an own development of oris. It is industrially manufactured with partners from Switzerland and is used for the first time in a watch of the same name. Whether clock and work proves, the test clarifies–here you find the test article in the form of a pdf-file as download for 2.90 euro.

At the 110-year-old, Oris launched its own caliber 110, the first factory after 35 years. On the limited, mostly handmade piece, the Movement 111 is now followed by the higher development. It debuts in a watch named after him. Is the premiere successful? Martina Richter, deputy editor-in-chief of the Watch magazine, is testing the Oris caliber 111.

Download your test article here for 2.90 Euro and read on directly!

Are the new Oris Watch’s gaits convincing, both on the wrist and on the timescale? Does it make you feel at ease with its readability, wearing and operating comfort? This is shown in the detailed test article, also with large-format pictures and gear logs. In the end there is a clear evaluation according to the clock magazine point system and an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the Oris caliber 111. Here you can download the test for 2.90 euro.

Contents of the test of the Oris caliber 111:

Large-Format Detail pictures

Data sheet: Specifications of clock and plant

Aisle protocol: Time scale test and wearing

Rating o’clock: processing, design, legibility, wearing and operating comfort

Rating plant: Construction, processing, Finissage, gait accuracy

Value for money

Clear scoring System for evaluation

Test verdict: Pros and cons listed

Download the test now and learn

Whether the premiere of the Oris caliber 111 succeeds!

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