The Pebble Time Time Has Come: The Landing of The First Units and Its Future

Pebble was a pioneer in the world of the connected clocks. They began their journey until Android Wear or Apple Watch were real. Became a desired product and after three generations is a recognized brand. The first Pebble Time units began to arrive to the initial backers of Kickstarter, a few days ago and the reservation on web, so those not bought it as well at the time, began recently.

The connected clocks they have been part of the news media These days: the launch in Spain of the Apple Watch and the distribution of the first units of the clock of Pebble. The launch of Pebble Time has been a success and now remains to be seen if apart from the Kickstarter campaign to improve figures with sales in different distributors.

Data: good numbers and any delay

Making a summary of what we already knew of Pebble Time we find many figures and data three months later their Kickstarter campaign continues to surprise. It has been the most successful campaign of this platform and today it maintains this record: more than 20 million raised.

These 20 million of translated into nearly 100,000 watches sold. Not all have reached their owners and it is that as announced in its day, this is going to go slowly. The first 10,000 units already arrived to the wrists of those who invested on Kickstarter but there are still many more to produce, and there some delays are occurring.

The problem is the same in your day with Steel: units that are sold to Europe and other regions is done from the factories that are in different Asian countries such as Singapore. This makes logistical efforts are slow and do not arrive in the times that were promised originally.

Also last week announced the reserve units through its online store. You can already buy the new Pebble Time and until July 22 the first units will not be distributed. Again: different roads for each country. In the United States will be a Best Buy who is responsible for distributing the units while that in the rest of the world will come out of Asia.

This may seem irrelevant but the fact that exits from countries such as Singapore means that There is a chance that the order is retained in customs and by extension touch us to pay more. A server already suffered this problem with the Steel last year and I had to put 80 euros.

The rest of Pebble figures are very positive: they managed to sell 400,000 units while that in 2014 the number rose to 1 million in 2013. Publicly do not have forecasts for this year so until not course completion seems that we will not have official data. At the moment the Time sold on Kickstarter are a good omen.

In the middle of the road could be the hole of Pebble

With two greats such as Apple and Google competing for our doll is wonder: There are hollow to Pebble in the market? Time will tell but everything points to that Yes. The philosophy of being compatible with Android and iOS alike makes that we do not have to rely on a same ecosystem, problem that occurs both with Apple Watch as the Android Wear. They are more versatile and do not want us to economize to nothing to use it.

They have a different philosophy and that makes them attractive: while Apple and Google struggles to powerful specifications, different interface designs or navigation through physical buttons, Pebble wants autonomy; that we can use the clock without worrying about loading it every night or sit in the middle of the day without battery.

They have also given more importance to the personalization, we can change many aspects of the clock and in that they have boosted their ecosystem. There are who criticize the latest model of Pebble as little aesthetic, for taste colors but for me already showed in his day with Steel that can make an attractive and elegant model.

We’ll see if they hold the Rams in the medium and long term. Android Wear at the moment has had fairly discrete figures and the debut of the Apple Watch has been powerful. Should not be forgotten, of course, that both are powerful marketing campaigns While Pebble has much more limited budget for advertising. However, the public reacts very well.

His biggest challenge in the long term is to follow attractive killed. They are known among the most enthusiastic audience of technology but not so much among those who do not follow the daily life of this sector. Nor do we forget developers and their interest to create applications for Pebble or jump to another platform. Be between half is for them an opportunity but also the sentence to linger in mediocrity and a sad grey.