The Man, An Asset To Seduce Watch

I talked about in a previous article, but men do not have enough attention to detail.

While women are masters in the field, most men think that get attention and the attention to detail is just a waste of time.

Of course the idea of this article is not to tell you to feminize you – I said because some bloggers do not lose an opportunity to launch major debates without interest over this kind of comment.

In reality it is especially about yourselves with essential accessories for the elegant man, who has style and has no need to do too much to make him stand.


.. .because accessories that he wear do all the work. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that wealthier men are often dressed in a fairly conventional way but they carry a very nice watch, who without being fancy, communicates something very effective with the female.

No I mean no money… these kind of accessory communicates especially a certain status, a sense of taste that only a refined man can appreciate and who can be part of looking for a woman of a certain class, or a class some!

Choose a Watch for men, have beautiful shoes of town well maintained, read choose clothes to his size who put forward your physical benefits while concealing the less flattering parts… There is not a lot of accessories to have when you’re a man.

These are basic things that women learn from an early age: by imitating their mother or their older sister and in women’s magazines. They have a much stronger case because the world of the feminine style is much more vast… so do you feel happy for not being interested only in a few key accessories for style!

Besides I highly recommend you take a ride on the store fashion in Motion -you will discover a whole range of accessories: watches, jewelry for men who communicate lots of good things about you to all the women who will cross your path.

Think “James Bond” – the men’s class has pure: it is part of the female imaginary and without all its qualities you can trace you a little this icon legendary seduction. Of course choose the period and the actor who played it best according to you but the effect will be there, do not be mistaken.