The Key to Convert Your Classic Watch in a Smartwatch Is Belt According to Some Swiss Manufacturers

The classic watch, mainly based in Switzerland, industry is moving parts so that the smartwatch phenomenon not caught them with changed toe. Many are those who think that they are different markets, but there are others who should get ready to any platform or manufacturer that already controls the necessary technology.

What you are seeing is that Swatch is for free, and other illustrious company simply decide that their watches are not played in shape and design, but that they can make an effort and inside meter activity monitors. Is the case of the initiative Motion X, in which they are enrolled names like Alpina, Mondaine and Frederique Constant.

By adding intelligence into the strap

We have others who are interested in getting our bracelet is smart adding modules, Let me explain better: placing the brain in a classic, traditional watch strap. The first who taught us the idea are Montblanc watches.

As in a similar movement we have another illustrious as IWC Schaffhausen, He wants to give more possibilities to any of their watches, adding a small device on the belt. The size of a button, it will be known as IWC Connect:

We have to wait to find out more about IWC Connect, but it seems that real relationship between him and the clock there is no

There are not too many details about its capabilities and specifications, but it has been announced as a way of turning into smartwatch, a classic watch. We can anticipate that in it there sensors to monitor our activity, and mechanisms to bring that information to the corresponding mobile app.

The product seems to be easier than you might think. There is no screen, no show notifications, by what the thing is more an accessory official for Swiss watches, a product with higher aspirations, such as de Montblanc, in which there are screen OLED, controls and notifications.

Tag Heuer goes with Google

On a different level we have to those who have decided to go with an important platform. We are talking about Tag Heur, decided by Google and its Android Wear, that will also be signed hardware by Intel. Too many fat cats in one place, seems the most greedy proposal for which search for a clock that provides image and technology. In October we will know more.

The most powerful proposal is that links Tag Heuer, Intel and Google