The Intelligence of The Clock Sony Wena Wrist Strap, a New Project Is First Flight

The reality is that First Flight is an initiative that went quite unnoticed, but we are already seeing that the idea makes sense with such interesting projects as Wena Wrist. In a nutshell, Sony He rode this crowdfunding platform to take forward the ideas of its employees in Japan, and the luxury watch is a good test.

We have a clock that we could describe as “normal”, to which have been added a strap which makes it smart. There are three elements that make it more capable than a conventional clock: integrated NFC for payments – Felica-compatible-, notifications through vibrations and an LED, and a monitor of activities.

They tell us that activity by now only log system is compatible with an application iOS, but a matter of time is to see it on more platforms, something that we have no doubt that it will happen if we take into account that Sony phones are all Android. Before all that, crowdfunding project has to succeed.

Two models, with or without Chrono

On the same idea, there are two different models in design. One called”Chronograph”, with buttons and dials prepared to measure our time against the cron and other – Three Hands – simple model, with a single button. In the following video you can get to know the first model:

Also changes the autonomy, with 5 years for Chrono model, and 3 years for the other. In both cases we have the possibility to choose between silver and black, with belts of 42 mm. The clever part, or bracelet, will have to upload it wirelessly.

When would they be for sale? If all goes well, the clocks would be a reality in Japan in March or April of the year coming, priced at $287 for the simple model, and 576 dollars for the Chronograph.

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