The Female Market Is The Secret Weapon of The Apple Watch

Technology enthusiasts sometimes we forget that we represent a very small part of the technology market. As early adopters, we are excited to be able to see, read, and try new products, very few of them become more popular massively. It is normal that a vast majority of them end up under the carpet along with other failed products.

In that excessive approach to satisfy the early adopters, many technology companies forget the rest of the market. In particular, a very significant part: women. I think that with the smartwatch is happening the same thing. Except rarely (I’m thinking the bike 360), the majority of current smartwatch models they have a very male geek air that causes rejection of this demographic.

As we will see in this article, Apple has taken good note of this lack, and turned it into an opportunity. It is not an easy task and has since then due to pose a real challenge in many aspects, but the result is there for anyone who wants to see it. And it is surprising.

Objective: break the ice of your target audience

When a company introduces a new product, a series of very interesting steps occur. It is exciting to analyze How is Apple running each with pinpoint accuracy. The first is the presentation and marketing of the product and aims to break the ice of your target market at the same time that creates interest.

After the keynote that introduced the Apple clock in September, just a few weeks after we saw how this device was the cover of Vogue in China for November. This It is the kind of advertising that cannot be purchased with money, because it is not on sale. High fashion magazines sell Interior leaves, but never the front pages since they represent your reputation for what are chosen very carefully.

This cover shows the supermodel Liu Wen, the first of the Asian country in March for Victoria’s Secret and a pioneer in the world of Chinese fashion. With this cover, Apple covers two segments at the same time: the feminine and the most important market in Europe.

We also have a supermodel Candice Swanepoel posing on the cover of the American magazine SELF with an Apple Watch Sport white belt and with the Fitness app running. And a few days ago Miguel Michán told us how returning to appear an advertisement of 12 pages of the different collections of the Watch in the American version of Vogue.

With all this effort, the clock designed by Jony Ive and his team aims to capture the attention of the female market showing different aspects. In Vogue magazine, we see how they intend to position it as an attractive object of fashion. In the announcement of 12 pages show each of the three collections along with the detail of one of their belts to show its variety and detail. In SELF magazine, focused on the female audience interested in nutrition, health and sports teach capabilities quantifier of the clock.

For which so much emphasis on the female demographic segment? In the words of Ariel Adams, of A Blog to Watch:

It is important to mention that the luxury watch industry has almost a decade focused on marketing in the fashion industry-oriented, and in the last two years, this approach has been very intense in women. The luxury watch industry expected to this 2015 onwards, women at the same time as men, to be areas of growth for the luxury watch.

The company of Tim Cook seems to have noticed from this emerging trend and be willing to upload from the beginning.

Apple Watch bet

It is strange that a technology company take seriously the attributes of fashion a wearable product. But for some reason it is not so in the case of Apple. The vast majority of smartwatches on the market comply with one or two models and a couple of interchangeable straps. Apple Watch has dozens of combinations:

  • Two sizes, 38 and 42 mm to fit all types of male and female dolls.
  • Three collections, one sport, one for most elegant situations and one luxury-oriented.
  • Premium materials such as aluminum, steel, yellow or pink gold with Sapphire and leather.
  • Straps intended for each collection, and with closure systems manageable by the user.
  • Who knows the belts we will see third party companies.

There is nothing similar in the current market of smartwatches. The approach that we saw with the iPhone in that a single model with a couple of colors was sufficient not served in the wearable device market. Everything we carry over, our clothes, shoes, sunglasses, rings, bracelets, earrings and, of course, clocks, represent us.

They say something about ourselves. Something that we want to pass on to others so you know what values we see as our. For some people, it is something vital in their day to day. Apple Watch begins its journey to a very good start. To find out if we have a new success for the Cupertino company it will take still.


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