The Alcatel Watch Hits The Market for 130 Euros and with Its Own Operating System

At Alcatel already surprised us pleasantly recently with his Idol 3, and now this manufacturer falls squarely in the field of intelligent watches with their Alcatel OneTouch Watch. This manufacturer device differs from the traditional proposals with Android Wear or the newly released Apple Watch by two factors: one, its price – 130 euros- and other, software.

And is that the French manufacturer device we find an own operating system that offers more of the “classic” options of Smart Watches: notifications and the monitoring of physical activity. We also have a design very similar to the bike 360 and compatibility with smartphones based on Android and iOS.

Many unknowns at the hardware level

Alcatel device is somewhat smaller than the clock of Motorola and has a 1.22-inch screen that as in the case of the bike 360 It has a “cut” at the bottom that subtracts space to display on this screen. The sphere has a thickness of 10.5 mm and a diameter of 41.8 mm, but we don’t have official data on your weight.

In its interior we can find one 210 mAh battery According to Alcatel managers offers a range of between 2 and 5 days – they seem very optimistic – but too many additional specifications are not given. So we have a STM429 chipset, but we don’t have data on the built-in memory.

You have, that Yes, Bluetooth 4.0 (no WiFi) connectivity, as well as various sensors, including a heart rate sensor, an electronic compass, IP67 certified water resistance and support NFC. Belt – there are two plastic models and two metal, but we can not exchange them – has also double function, since in one end integrates a USB connector (full, no microUSB) to be able to recharge the battery, a singular surprise in this type of solution.

Availability and price

Those 130 euros place him as a smart watch attractive from this point of view, there is a priori important questions about benefits of this device that the manufacturer gives few details of their autonomy and technical. The watch will be available in our country next July 1.

More confusing still is the the software section: taking into account that we are talking about an own operating system – no name, apparently- Alcatel has offered no information on possible applications developed for this device or an SDK that can maximize their benefits.