Tag Heuer’s Android Smartwatch “Carrera Connected”: It’s Luxury?

The hype was only a more Smartwatch with Android wear – at a luxury price, the product. The Carrera connected, a joint project of TAG Heuer, Intel and Google, raises questions.
World-renowned watchmaking meets cutting-edge technology. So,TAG Heuer praised his first Smartwatch. And had strong support: Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, and David Singleton, VP Engineering (Android) on Google, were together with Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer, the watch before in New York. The event was to see worldwide even as a live stream.
See, there was the reissue of the legendary Carrera of the watch manufacturer. Background: since the 1960s, she is one of the most popular watches of Swiss. Once as a tribute to at the rally Carrera Panamericana, a car racing through the streets of Mexico, thought thewatch series won since many prices. “Carrera” means in Spanish “Race”. The race to the first Smartwatch has lost the manufacturer. Butshould be on the first luxury Smartwatch with Android wear – the clock a counterpart to the Apple Watch instead. “Our clock will have the same functionality as the Apple Watch,” Biver stated in an interview just before the release.
“We are not Apple”
As Biver said in the interview, TAG Heuer in the Apple Watch not least sees no direct competition for his Smartwatch Carrera connected- due to the price difference. Although there are also luxury versions of the Apple wearables, which reach average user but is more likely to have Apple Watch sport, for under $400. With the Carrerea connected, however, TAG Heuer aimed at a more exclusive buyers. “We are not Apple,” Biver said. “We are a watch brand. I forbid my colleagues, to describe Apple as competitors.”
1500 euro for Watchfaces?
What got the tech then served, was however no innovation. It was and is simply a more Smartwatch with Android wear. Please note: One of the largest and most important watch manufacturers in the world with 150 years expertise and known for groundbreaking innovations cooperates with the pioneer in microprocessors, Intel, and Google, the company behind Android and especially Android wear. Highly capable engineers in the Switzerland La Chaux-de-Fonds and the Californian Silicon Valley replace for months. And the result is a 1500 dollar watch, which can nothing apart from the Tag Heuer Watchfaces better than current Android watches, which are for less than400 euros? A reference to the legendary Carrera bracelets in sevencolors?
Don’t get me wrong: it isn’t me to dispute TAG Heuer the beautifuldesign. But the original Carrera, cost about $5,000, is not only up to100 meters water resistant. It is a chronograph with skeleton movement from hundreds of components, which have been built, testedand assembled in countless hours of work by hand. No mass-produced goods, which fell in Shenzen by the band. This applies at leastto the inner workings of the Carrera connected? An MSRP of $1,500can then also not justified over the robust housing.
The clock may yet find his customers. TAG Heuer has not the goal to sell millions of units of the Carrera connected: around 1000 copies of the Smartwatch will available for the release in New York. And you should probably go primarily to fans of the high-priced brand -and for all those who are flirting with a new Android wear Smartwatch, be uninteresting.