Support For Apple Watch Turns Watches in Micro Macintosh

Is there an accessory that every fan of Apple will want to buy at the moment: Something W3. This support for the Apple Watch practically turns the clock in a miniature version of the classic Apple Macintosh, released in 1984. This device costs only $15, equivalent to 48 R$ on today’s listing (13), and can be purchased at Amazon with delivery in Brazil.

The smartwatch clock screen turns the thumbnail screen of the computer

The attachment serves as charger base, but you need to use the official Apple Watch charger into it on the back. With picktrue, it is only necessary to place and take the bracket clock to stop the load. The smartwatch clock screen turns the thumbnail screen of the computer, and even has a hack for the entry.

There is a black version to buy, but she doesn’t have a lot of fun, since the original computer was sold in beige look old, like virtually all personal computers of the years 1980.

The media has no special function to the watch, and you can’t put that small screen “hello” of the ancient Macs in the smartwatch clock activating this on time when the device is put in Something W3.

Anyway, this support is really nice, one of the more creative than we’ve seen so far. He serves on both the Apple Watch sizes of 38 mm and 42 mm. Who buy a also don’t have to worry about the clock, since the accessory is compatible with both the Series and the 1 Series 2.