Start The Countdown: What Should Keep in Mind to Purchase Your Apple Watch Online

There are just four days for the release of the Apple Watch in countries in the second wave. Spain, Mexico, Italy, Korea of the South, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan are the lucky seven part of which already marketed the new Apple device.

If you plan to get one of them and the Queuing in physical stores will not with you (is not confirmed who is going to sell them from the first day), your best alternative is to make the online order. Taking advantage of that I bought a Apple Watch in Canada the day that opened the reserves, I thought to share some tips and tricks to make sure you get yours as soon as possible.

As soon as Apple “opens the floodgates” of reservations online at the launch of one of its products, a difference of minutes It can mean receiving the D-day order or wait sat for weeks. In my particular case, I was in front of the computer since 23:55 and my order was not accepted until the 00: 20.

Those twenty minutes pushed the order until the last week of May and the first of June. Despite this, I was lucky that in the end I got my Apple Watch same day April 24, moment in which we told you how was your unboxing.

Please clear your model before you buy it

If you have questions about which model of Apple Watch buy, it will be better for you to solve them before this Friday. In total, there are 38 different combinations, taking into account the two sizes (38-42 mm), three collections (Sport, steel and Edition) and different belts (rubber, leather and steel). Next we have a table that we saw a few days ago with the different points in price in dollars and without taxes, Since we don’t know yet what will be the equivalent in euros:

Model + belt type 38 mm 42 mm
Apple Watch Sport + rubber belt $349 $399
Apple Watch + rubber belt $549 $599
Apple Watch + leather with classic buckle strap $649 $699
Apple Watch + steel belt Milanese Loop $649 $699
Apple Watch + leather Loop belt $649 $699
Apple Watch + leather strap with buckle modern $749 $799
Apple Watch + steel link chain belt $949 $999
Apple Watch + black steel link chain belt $1,049 $1.099
Apple Watch Edition pink gold + rubber belt $10,000 $12,000
Apple Watch Edition yellow gold + rubber belt $10,000 $12,000
Apple Watch Edition gold + leather with classic buckle strap $15,000
Apple Watch Edition gold + leather strap with buckle modern $17,000

Maybe help you know that 38 mm model is in general too small for the wrist of a man, since it is oriented more towards the female market. Apple also reports that their battery life estimates are made with a 38 mm model, so 42 mm has a capacity (and duration) of slightly superior battery.

Apple Watch Sport is the lighter and more affordable for everyone, something that gets at the expense of the materials used: aluminium and ion-x screen. While the top models have steel and gold as well as Sapphire such as screen, scratch-resistant.

It must be borne in mind that the aluminum and steel in color space models exhaust before. The same happens with black straps of fluoroelastomer and spatial color steel. If your Apple Watch meets these characteristics, get ready because demand in other countries was very high.

Plan A: use the app for iOS of Apple Store

Forget about buying your Apple Watch through the Apple website. For some reason, those who do it from the computer experienced delays in the purchase process. Crashes on load, restart the session and what awaits you is painfully slow If you decide to go to it.

However, those who made a purchase from the Apple Store app did not have any problem. If not you still have it on your iPhone or iPad, you can download it from this link. Once you have it installed, check that the country in which it is located is where he resides.

Is also good idea to review your settings of the account (payment and shipping) be up to date to avoid mistakes at the last moment. If you have an iPhone 5s or higher, you can activate the payment of orders using Touch ID and thus gain a few seconds by not having to enter your password.

As soon as Apple open orders online, you’re ready to complete the purchase of your Apple Watch in one or two minutes. Who did so by this method in the USA and Canada, had confirmation that they would receive your watch as soon as possible.

When all else fails, use the Plan B

If, for the reason that you have to make your order through the website of Apple, better you armes of patience because you’ll need it. But also There are a number of things that you can prepare in advance so that the process is as soon as possible:

  • You use a computer with internet access by ethernet cable. This way and apart of that cable is faster, the WiFi connection you not betray at the worst possible time.
  • Keep open two browsers different from which to complete the purchase of your Apple Watch process.
  • Copy data from your account from Apple, such as email and password (if you dare), in a word processor so you only have to paste them. Remember to delete them when you are done.

Remember that once you complete the process of purchase successfully, you will receive a confirmation email with the information about the order of your Apple Watch. As soon as Apple have ready your package and send it, you will receive another email with the date of delivery and the tracking number (sometimes send a SMS also). Since that time, you will only have to wait a few hours to receive the package.

Do have clear which model of Apple Watch going to buy?