Sony Smartband Talk In The Test: The Stripped-Down Smartwatch

The Sony SmartBand talk is more than a Fitnesstracker and less than a Smartwatch. The bracelet counts steps, via Bluetooth with your Smartphone in conjunction, and acts as a wireless speakerphone.
With its rectangular display is SmartBand talk similar to big as Microsoft tape and smaller than Smartwatches such as the Moto 360, the G watch R from LG or the Sony Smartwatch 3. In addition, the E-Ink display on long battery life lets hope.
Landscape is forbidden on the wrist
Sony sets the SmartBand talk while Exchange bracelets in two different sizes when they change but doesn’t exactly fit the rigid housingonly with a few wrists. For most people, it’s too wide or too narrow.But also, if not optimally fit, can it be good and no longer interfere in everyday life as a wristwatch. A little more flexibility would have been beautiful.
The E-Ink display of the SmartBand talk is slightly curved and has adiagonal of 1.4 inches. The resolution is 296 x 128 pixels. That’s enough to display icons and text clearly and sharply. The screen is veryeasy to recognize, but in the dark not because Sony waives a lighting sunlight. And so you can only guess the time when the bracelet being one in the morning with his “gentle alarm clock” at the right time from light sleep.
The apps on the SmartBand all in portrait mode start talk, so that they are comfortable to look at wrist. As soon as they display a bit more text, they switch to landscape mode, and it’s over very quickly with the comfort. Because to read, I have half twist my arm. While theresolution enough to display the most Alerts also in portrait mode.However could you long messages don’t scroll, because the displayis not touch screen.
The SmartBand talk brings 24 grams and is so so easy that it doesn’t bother on your wrist and you quickly forget that you wear the bracelet. The whole Electronics is packed in waterproof so you can goswimming with the SmartBand. Only to you should not dive in. Sonyspecifies a depth of 1.5 meters without prejudice to standing over the SmartBand.
All can the SmartBand talk
On your home screen, the Sony shows you SmartBand talk at the time and reveals among them with graphics, what proportion of thetargeted 10,000 steps a day you already gone since. With a press of the button on the side, you move to the next app.
The small applications are 15 pieces to choose from, which must partly subsequently download from the play store and finds some already in the app of the SmartBands. Among other things, a remote control for your music player on your Smartphone, a search app that makes your phone ring or a practical remote control for the Smartphone camera are available.
In the SmartBand talk a microphone and a speaker is installed, so that you can record not only voice memos and use a voice control,with it but use it as a hands-free device for your Smartphone. You simply take incoming calls with a strong pressure on the display – bracelet responds to the shocks and not to touch the display – map.
You can initiate calls from the strap only to a number set previouslyas a favorite. Your conversation partner is even good to understand if you keep the hand not in front of your face, but let hang down.He understands you then still – at least if you speak loudly enough.But the voice quality is best when you speak directly to the watch.
Life logging with interruptions
Together with Sony’s Lifelogging app, the SmartBand talk to recordall your activities – unless you participate because the servers of themanufacturer at all want to leave. However you need to schedule agap almost every day, because the battery has a capacity of 70 mah.
According to this should range from Sony for a period of up to three days, in practice, there were only about 30 hours at permanent Bluetooth to your Smartphone. One day the bracelet holds out so easily, but at the latest during the next morning the battery energy supply needs. After all, he is very fast – in less than an hour – completely recharged.
The SmartBand talk works very precisely as a pedometer. When counting down from 1000 steps, it came on 1001 steps, a deviation of0.1 per cent and to neglect so confidently. So far only the jawboneUp24 has counted exactly. In addition tries to recognize it if you went or gone since, what worked in the test also pretty reliable. Also the detection of sleep times was generally correct.
Exactly is the Sony SmartBand talk | Create infographics
Pedometer hui! Battery life Ugh!
Yet Sony could rework with the comfort, the pedometer is, however,almost perfect. The SmartBand talk has managed to convince that itis always practical and comfortable, with a brief look at the wrist, todetermine whether the content of the notification is important or not, and I must take my Smartphone out of your pocket or off the table every time.
There are also moments in which the watch as a hands-free kit is very convenient, but overall the bracelet has personally too many deficits me, that I would use it permanently. The spark, be sure to haveit, does not skip yet.
In the end, there is a very accurate pedometer for the alone the price of 160 euro’d but too high, especially since the full functionality is available only under Android available. iPhone owners is pushingSony directly to the Apple Watch. The four colored bracelets, in addition, you can purchase are no competition for the many differentdesigns of the Smartwatch from Cupertino.