Smartwatch: Transparent Display As Problem Solvers

The Samsung Gear S2 is considered very good to near-perfect Smartwatch described, with the South Korean company has managed a home run this year. However, an author of “Sammobile” made thoughts about it, how you could improve the gear S2 or any Smartwatch on the market.

Transparent display solution

The solution is a transparent display that would ensure that a Smartwatch can act also as a normal watch, without that the always on mode, which is a significant burden on the battery life of the respective devices.

A transparent display would ensure that time like a normal Watch might appear, would be useful and would at the same time conserve the battery . Upon receipt of a notification would then activate the display and show the typical screen of a Smartwatch.

Always on will cost battery

The idea with a transparent display for a Smartwatch is very simple in principle, but can bring many benefits. The question remains whether we will see the first models with a transparent display in 2016 and if yes, which manufacturer puts them on the market.