Smartwatch Pebble 2 Enters Presale For Only $130

The Pebble 2 went into global pre-sales today (06/10). The smartwatch clock brings several features to offer convenience to the user, you don’t need to interact both with your smartphone. In addition, in this second generation, the Pebble became a physical activity tracker with a lot of possibilities.

Cheaper than any intelligent watch major brands present in Brazil

You can buy it for $129.99 at the official store of the company and get free shipping to all over the world. That is, you can import it into Brazil by a relatively low value. At the current exchange rate, the price of the Pebble 2 is around 420 R$. Whereas the Customs go tax this appliance in the 60% tax under the value, you pay at the end about of 672 R$. Still cheaper than any intelligent watch major brands present in Brazil.

It is worth noting, however, that this is the pre-order, and the device must not be dispatched to the homes of the buyers immediately. On the other hand, the official store is offering a 10% discount in some situations.

What Does He Do?

The Pebble 2 is a smart watch reviewed by, the company known as the forerunner of the modern smartwatch clock. The first generation device was funded collectively on Kickstarter and became one of the biggest hits of the platform. This second version also came first to this site and now is available for direct purchase.

He keeps an eye on sleep quality of user

Among the main advantages of Pebble 2:00 pm the previous version, we have the heart rate sensor that stays on full time and activity tracking functions, able to register steps, running and hiking. He also keeps an eye on sleep quality of the user as well as shows charts and reports about your health.

He also won voice commands and responses integrated with Android and iOS. You can still manage all phone notifications on the clock, control playback of your music and customize the interface in several ways.

Finally, the watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters deep, and your battery can last up to 7 days on a full charge. This is possible due to the screen “LCD ePaper”, a technology similar to what we have on Kindles and other digital players.