Smartwatch: a Solution in Search of a Need or Technology as Fashion? Engadget 2014 Awards

During the last edition of the Engadget awards celebrating various debates and round tables in which we chose themes that mark today’s technology. One of the most prominent was logically the of the Smart Watches, but there is a key section in the future of this segment.

It is specifically from the relationship that fashion will have with these devices, a debate involving Elías Fullana, general manager of marketing for LG Spain, Sandra López, Director of marketing for Sony in Spain and Portugal, Gaby Treiband, Vice President of marketing for Mediatek in Europe, Miguel Angel Uriondo, journalist specializing in technology, telecommunications, and economic news companies.
and Natxo Sobrado, journalist specializing in fashion and coordinator of Jezebel.

What is first, fashion or technology?

From LG Elías Fullana said that for the time being “there is a need as such, but we are full of technologies and products that make our life easier”. Also Save out the Pocket phone constantly and the ability to be always connected and for example to access notifications in a very comfortable way.

Gabi Treiband, mediatek, claimed that the manufacturers of technology have to “find a way that this product that we have generated, sold, purchased, used and” to become a desired product, and here comes the fashion”.

Miguel Angel Uriondo also hoped that the coming year would see the final version of these smart watches, but affected the relevance of the role of developers because it missed”more utilities”.

As explained the moderator, Roberto P. Jiménez, “fashion does not necessarily have to be useful”. Natxo Sobrado, Coordinator of Jezebel, wondered What would have happened if they had been in the fashion business or specialized in watches that had brought these watches. About that Sandra López doubted: it was not clear that “the development of the wearables had been reached through the world of fashion”, and stressed that he did not see this segment “as a fashion accessory, but as an evolution of technology”,

Uriondo is also affected in the two types of public who currently seem directed these devices. One technology, very focused on devices where the price/performance ratio is key – low prices, many features-, or other very focused on the relevance of design and fashion, to pay more for the same device only by the fact that this is designed in collaboration with a fashion firm or some well-known designer.

Current limitations

Here also entered the discourse of MediaTek’s spokesman, giving an interesting point of view: fashion brands they do have the ability to offer their own devices Thanks to the philosophy of this Chinese manufacturer. The reason: MediaTek offers essential on which internal reference with the component base designs then add that outer layer of design that completes the experience.

Also spoke of the current limitations and one especially prominent as the battery. Fullana commented that the smartwatch was “another device more have to remember to charge”, and disagreed with the head of MediaTek stating that it did not believe that a fashion company “was able to get a product so round and so useful” as that technology companies.

Natxo Sobrado spoke of how the rhythms of fashion are as frantic as the technology, other debates posed by this new segment. Roberto Jiménez raised doubt whether who buy a smart watch you will feel the need to change it in one year, something that condicionaría the design section. Sandra López believes that the duty of the technology companies is to continue renewing and improving its products, and although many users do not take advantage of these new developments every year, yes there will be consumers who always want the latest technology. At that same point was also Elías Fullana, claiming that there are different types of audience, and manufacturers continue to offer its alternatives.

Miguel Angel Uriondo agreed and pointed to another interesting fact: “I believe that fashion is going to be key in this environment because it is the only way that has the technology to sell more margin”. There is probably one of the keys to the philosophy of Apple, What long time differential not only in performance but also in design.

Future smart clock

All the speakers agreed that the future of the smart clock goes to more resemble a clock – and here the design and fashion will be key parts of these devices–but pointed to other challenges. Elías Fullana pointed out that in the future We could see more autonomous devices and not so dependent on the mobile are now.

Uriondo commented that traditional makers of clocks, which until now seemed to ignore this kind of devices, could change your mind by 2015. “I think that watch manufacturers are going to realize that this is upon them”, and also highlighted the relevance of a market that just has been given importance so far: women’s, for which there are hardly any specific offers in the field of smart watches.

For Natxo Sobrado these watches they will also pose a giant change in the world of fashion, where manufacturers are already was big in that segment – Apple is a clear example of this-, and where will surely begin to see great music or film stars serving as a showcase for these new devices.