Smart Watches and Chops: The Last Resource Freak for The Exams

Until not long ago the cutlets were almost a traditional solution. Systems that students managed small wonders in themselves, and sure many have seen impossible chops in tiny roles, or those that were they became small Bibles of the knowledge to the Bic pens Thanks to the engraving of formulas or whole paragraphs of text-books with a simple those pens plastic needle.

Scientific calculators became objects prohibited in certain tests for their ability to serve for those “evil” applications, and shortly afterwards the thing would change radically with the emergence of mobile phones, which generated an own ecosystem of chuleteo Max. Now the new generation of technological chops overshoot, and It has as protagonists to smart watches.

These devices have already mischief in Australian universities, where those responsible for these institutions have already taken measures. They have restricted the use of these devices During this examination period and indicate, as is the case with the University of New South Wales that “rules from the UNSW in tests have been updated due to advances in technology in watches: wrist watches will not be allowed or independent to be carried or placed on the tables during exams”.

These prohibitions had already made effective in other academic institutions and although it seems that it has been Apple Watch which has raised the Hare, it is clear that the performance of current smart watches based on Android Wear also makes it possible to use them for this type of scenarios. But as always, made the law, made the trap…