Samsung Shows Details Of Your Smart Watch Circular Design

Tuesday (1) details and photos of the Gear S2, your first smartwatch clock with circular design will present this week in Berlin.

The new smart from Samsung will be shown to the public for the first time on September 3 at an event in the German capital, a day before the start of the IFA technology trade show that will take place between 4 and 9, second the company announced in a statement released in your headquarters in Seoul.

Samsung, which so far has revealed a possible release date of the product market, will lead to the two versions of the clock: Gear S2 and S2 Gear Classic.

The original version features a simple, modern design and is available in silver and dark grey, while the Gear S2 Classic comes only in black color and features more similar to that of a traditional Bracelet Watch with leather strap.

In addition to your circular ball-unlike the rectangular design of your Gear’s predecessor-the Gear S2 presents as a novelty highlighted the ability to navigate through the OS and mobile content by turning the chamfer to the left or the right.

With a thickness of 11.4 mm, the smart watch from Samsung has a Super AMOLED 1.2 inch screen and is equipped with an e-card that enables the user to remain connected to the smartphone at a distance away without Bluetooth.

The Gear S2 works with the operating system Citizen from Samsung offers wireless charger and your battery hold between two and three days without recharging, according to the characteristics of the product announced today by the company.

With this new model, the Samsung tries to take on Apple, which dominates the pharmacylib for now smartwatchs with more than 4 million units sold to date of your successful Apple Watch.