Samsung Gear A: Specs The Round Smartwatch Gel Nude

Samsung’s first Smartwatch with a round display is already for a long time in the conversation, and an announcement was expected by 2015 for the MWC in March.In August the new wearable should appear with the unique display ring – as accompaniment for the Galaxy note 5 and the edge of the Galaxy S6 plus. SamMobilekonnte muster now has some more information about the expected specifications.
As describes the missing “Galaxy” in the product name, A like already is scheduledon the gear on the gear S of Samsung’s own Tizen – operating system, which is however specifically adapted for the round display of the Smartwatch. Despite TizenOS, the wearable, developed under the code name “Orbis”, Samsung should appear according to the current information but apparently not in a LTE-enabled version. Radio should the gear of A just over 4.1 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Smartwatch with Exynos chip
Samsung is to equip its new Smartwatch with a specially developed Exynos 3472-chip. The dual-core chip with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz may be an evolution of theExynos mini installed in the Galaxy S5 3470. Samsung in the gear A a 768 MB RAM, a 4 GB, to store mAh internal memory and a battery pack with 250 for also. Like the Apple Watch, Samsung’s new clock can measure your heart rate. It also offers GPS and sensors for acceleration, location and air pressure.
We have learned a lot about the ring, which will surround the display and serve the control of Samsung gear A, already. Also a Crown similar to should be the Apple Watch, however, it is still unclear whether these acts only as a button, or whethershe also can be rotated like the Smartwatch competition from Cupertino, to navigate through menus. It remains also unclear how big the screen is. Here, only the resolution of 360 x 360 pixels is known.
Samsung is to present his Galaxy note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge rumor plus on August 12. Should the Koreans at the presentation of the two high end Phablets also really bring out the gear (A) as appropriate wearable behind the curtain at the latest then all open issues are likely to clarify.