Runtastic Moment, a Connected Watch Analogue Laying by in Front of The Digital

The history of Runtastic It is curious, they began as a study of development of sports applications and with the passing of the years spent to create wearables. Last year we met and discussed one on Engadget: Orbit. A single quantifier that while it was not the most beautiful, was faithful to measuring distance, calories and battery without being a prodigy was sufficient to avoid having to charge it day Yes and day not.

If you think about this company based in Austria, the first thing that comes to mind are very sporting devices. 2015, wanted to go with a different approach to the concept of wearable and bet more on design and to bring us a clock quantifier that at first glance it seems that same analogue: one clock more. His name is Runtastic Moment and in Engadget we have had chance to try it.

More analog than digital

I arrived for my appointment with Runtastic responsible. “I have a new product that will teach you” tells me in emails we exchanged previously. Arriving at the meeting point I see is how far away and try to find out where is the wearable I’m going to know. I notice on your watch (my first thought to talk to her was that it would be a smartwatch) but to see that it was a conventional model of needles I discarded it.

However, to come and greet us I see Runtastic logo on the Crown. Moment is camouflaged very well (especially in the most elegant editions) and is that all the sensor technology and Connectivity Bluetooth is hidden under the mechanism of an analog clock that works so well. It is not the first time we see him, Withings already has something similar, and how idea addressing the design of wearable seems interesting.

Runtastic Moment is a quantifier that use functions It offers nothing we have not seen already: count steps and distance, sleep log, calories burned, set ourselves goals, Bluetooth connectivity, notification LED, vibration alarms… Notifications, by the way, are a small light that is hidden in the number 9, very subtle arrow.

Left: Fun. Right: Basic.

Clock ring we are a physical button that serves to check the steps we walked (we have a small needle in the area to do so) and if struck we it will sleep mode. Whenever we go to sleep we have to do it Since it does not have a system that is responsible for detecting when you are resting.

According to me Runtastic responsible for, the development of Moment began in February and has been designed in collaboration with the usual partner that have created other wearables. It will be the last device until the development of devices with Adidas starts in January, remember that last month they were acquired by the sports brand. A curious fact: the first time that Adidas will buy a company.

Runtastic has wanted to focus on what it does well: quantify every day. Moment is first and foremost an analog clock that also knows to quantify a few variables.

Runtastic launch Moment in four models: Fun will be the easiest of all, silicone, very youthful and available in two colors finish strap. In the same price range we have Basic with a frontal somewhat larger and designed for those looking for a simple model but with more presence.

Left: Classic. Right: Elite.

On the other hand we have Classic: steel ball (silver or gold) with more like a classic clock finish. Sphere, as I said, is somewhat larger than that of an analog clock. Finally we have Elite with a clear focus for the male market: body slightly larger than Classic and with more details in the field. The four models share the same functions and are the only difference in the design.

As clock, Moment is not especially heavy. Perhaps something more than a conventional clock, but at the time we were with him was annoying. Classic and Elite models are slightly larger than a watch of this design, but the range of input (Basic and Fun) similar models are consistent with the other dimensions.

The data of clock synchronization is made through the application of Orbit. This remains the same though in Runtastic warn that soon we will see significant changes in applications although, for the time being, no can tell us nothing more. If we have the wearable of the past year, we can use it in conjunction with the clock and send data to the mobile without overlap. For example: If we have always been Orbit and Moment but we take off the second to make sport, the first data not deleted those of the second.

Runtastic follows the philosophy of other manufacturers of wearables, after a time manufacturing devices for a very specific audience, it’s time to go for one wider audience.

The movement of Runtastic manufacture a quantifier with a more classic cut clock is a strategy different but well posed. You don’t have as many options as an Apple Watch or an Android Wear but you have very well defined its utility. The only downside we see you at first glance is the lack of some sensors, such as the altimeter.

Clock battery life six months and it works with a button battery. The four models that are offered for sale will include a screwdriver so we ourselves can change it but we always have the option to take it to the watchmaker. Runtastic ensures that (our or a professional) handling conditions the Moment water resistance.

Price and availability of Runtastic Moment

The clock will start on sale from today itself in your online store and a number of distributors (in the case of Spain, el Corte Ingl├ęs). The price will vary depending on the model. The most basic (Basic and Fun) will cost EUR 129.99 While Elite and Classic will have a price of 199,99 EUR.