Ringly: Noble Smart Ring Instead Of Vile Smartwatch

A real gem of the Bluetooth: thanks to vibrate and Ringly wearers can leave safely your Smartphone signals in a handbag. Thus, the compact wearable for all those women could be a smart alternative which the sometimes futuristic and chunky Smartwatches are too masculine.
Ringly has not to provide a screen – it would have been anyway nottoo useful due to the small size. Instead, one decorates the smart ring by four selectable semi-precious stones, among which the invisible permanent technology is hidden. This allows Ringly via Bluetooth LE with an IOS or Android device to connect and to forward notifications from your Smartphone or tablet on the finger of its wearer.
Freely configurable Smart jewelry
In the app to the ring can be chosen from a range of supported functions and applications: from the incoming call and SMS reminders, Tweets and other app notifications. These allow to assign different signals, four different vibrations and five colors are available andcan be combined freely with each other.
So Ringly can vibrate about different incoming calls as in E-Mails; Facebook messages can about blue light up the finger of the wearercan, while SMS result in a green light – all this is literally the hand of the user. According to manufacturer’s instructions, this should workfor three days with one battery charge.
25 percent discount and perhaps a diamond for pre-ordered Ringlys
Currently, the feminine alternative to the Smartwatch on the manufacturer homepage in three different sizes can depending on the color of the stone for 145 or 180 dollars – for pre-order plus $20 shipping for the import to Germany and of course the customs fees. Once Ringly is regularly available, the piece of jewellery made of 18-karat fcxi gold prices rise on 195 and 260 dollars. The first 1000 copies of the smart ring should be equipped with a genuine diamonds on the side by the way.