POIRAY Celebrating 150 Years Of Spring By Imagining An Exclusive Interchangeable Bracelet.

In the year of its 40 years, the House of jewellery and watchmaking Poiray, nicknamed ‘The young woman of the place Vendôme’ joins the celebration of the 150 years of the store exclusive spring with the creation of an interchangeable bracelet.

Partners of the spring from its origin, brands and large luxury homes decided to celebrate this one hundred fiftieth anniversary with unique pieces specially designed around the theme of the flower and the pink color, symbols of the store and the season.

From March 20, 2015, first day of the spring season, nearly 1000 products designed by the most desirable brands will be offered.

At Poiray, we can discover a chic watch strap in Velvet, the bright color and greedy after a cameo of roses which is not unlike the spring season whose brilliance and renewal are the watchwords.

Through this creation, Poiray says once again its uniqueness through the audacity in the composition of the colors. Flexibility of the door and softness to the touch, the alliance of extravagance and timeless chic.

The House, which, since its inception, likes to revisit the classics and to shake up the established codes, with a hint of impertinence creates a product to its image.

Bracelet sold exclusively in stores spring.