Photo: Two China-Smartwatches and Xiaomi Headphones to Win

Together with our partner shop Gearbest, we have organised a small competition for you, where there is to win three products from China. In the context of the raffle, you have the chance to Xiaomi uWear piston 3, a Ulefone or the RWATCH M26.

The prices

1 x Ulefone uWear

Should you want to have at the moment no Smartwatch, but like to work you into the subject, which is the right choice for you uWear Ulefone. The Smartwatch, the design of which reminds a little of the Apple Watch, can be connected to all Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth and features include the ability to view incoming alerts. In addition, tracks the clock your sleep, as well as the fitness activities and can be used to control the music playback. The Smartwatch by Ulefone according to IP65-standard is also waterproof and the battery should hold out up to 7 hours.

Should you uWear criticize something on the Ulefone, then it would be the proprietary operating system certainly. Because the Smartwatch with a price of under 20 euros is however extremely affordable, this can be forgiven.

1 x RWATCH M26

In contrast to the Ulefone uWear the RWATCH M26 has a monochrome display, which a lot of energy will be saved. As usual, also this Smartwatch communicates via Bluetooth with your Smartphone, but this time only Android devices are supported. For this you can take calls with the RWATCH M26 and a fitted vibration motor notified together with the display of incoming notifications. Last but not least, the M26 has also the popular fitness functions and even an altimeter is installed like Samsung Gear S2 reviewed by payhelpcenter.

Since the RWATCH M26 for beginners is designed into the world of the Smartwatches, a proprietary operating system be used on this model. In contrast to watches with Android wear the M26 can therefore not really be expanded, for it is also much more affordable with a price of less than 20 euros.

1 x Xiaomi piston 3

The last price of the Gearbest is that us once again popular Xiaomi piston 3 in-ear headphones available. Although these are among the cheapest models with a price around 15 euros, they can record it with competing products in the area up to 50 euro. Not for nothing, you count piston 3 to the most popular products of the common import shops.

The participation

To participate in our sweepstakes, you must perform only the actions included PromoSimple widget. For participation, it is necessary that liked, also it would be nice, our and the Facebook page of Gearbest if you would leave a comment and share this post on social networks. For each of you will receive these actions once again an extra lot that moves at the end in the virtual Los pot.

Legal notices

  • The legal action is excluded and someone, for example, through multiple participation, should try to increase his chances of winning, this person is excluded from the competition
  • All participants must be at least 18 years old, otherwise we will demand a permission to take part in the winning by a parent/guardian
  • The profits will be shipped at the expense of GearBest. For this purpose, we need the addresses of the winner upon completion of the competition, so that they can receive their prizes by mail from the EU store. Customs or import costs not incurred by the winner

Finally we can wish you much luck in our contest!