Pebble Time & Pebble Time Steel in the Test: New Development of the Smartwatch Classic

2012 Pebble was relatively successful with the campaign to the then first “proper” Smartwatch. Followed by the Pebble Steel and also they found bulk buyers. Yes, you can say Pebble was a pioneer in the Smartwatch industry what is certainly justified. Earlier this year, I put to me a pebble Smartwatch of 1st generation. It was then up to end April on my wrist, from then on it was superseded by the Apple Watch. The watch with the largest sales figures so far made the Smartwatch market ready for mass. This has of course recognized pebble and released some months after the release of the second generation of the Smartwatch classic Apple Watch: the Pebble Time. We by Pebble a copy of Pebble time and the Pebble Time Steel to test received respectively and have tested the watches through their paces and compared with the largest competitor in the market, the Apple Watch.

The same design, different materials

The two different models of the time of Pebble, the time and the time steel are relatively equal in appearance and do not really differ from the design, except in the materials used. While the Pebble time Cabinet is made of simple plastic, as well as the related band, the case of the steel variant is made as the name implies, stainless steel. Bands there are here many different: quality of leather and metal, respectively. One advantage of Pebble is that you can incorporate into the appropriate Sockets each bracelet of the world and so the clock is highly customizable.

Technical equipment

At this point, both models are identical. Use a 1, 25″ color E-paper display, Pinback arrives always is, and can be even more visible made about a shaking with the backlight. Also, a microphone, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a Bluetooth chip, an ARM Cortex-M4 processor & a 150 mAh battery, up to 7 days the unit supplied with electricity are included in the housing. This could well reach our test equipment.

Scope of functions

The time of Pebble is one thing above all: A notification Center at the wrist. This function does it as thought: reliable, fast and unobtrusive. But, would you now respond to these notifications, you can access ever well to the phone. While you can respond with a coupled Android device on messages with short responses such as “Ok”, “Yes” & “No”, only two possibilities remain an iPhone users: hide notification or get mobile. Both do not necessarily the ideal solution.

The watch from other functions of the phone can be operated, remote control music playback is here as an example. Can also be from the phone apps and your own Watchfaces from the Pebble store install on the clock, however, these are not represented with a large number. Making compatible their apps with the Pebble Smartwatch there, to a few developers, too few ways get these developers as well. Because the device does not have a touch screen, but only 4 buttons, it is difficult with safety to program an appropriate and above all useful application for the clock. A positive example is for example Air Berlin, with their app to watch his boarding pass to the check-in can use. At this point the Pebble time depends on his unfortunately my personal favorite, the Apple Watch, afterwards.

Where she again front has the nose: in of water. The time of Pebble is marked for activities such as showering, swimming or surfing as waterproof. Although the Apple Watch water resistant is characterized, however, Apple clearly discourages use in the water. A benefit for the competitors.


The time of Pebble & the Pebble Time Steel are two very simple, but very useful watches and are proud descendants of the original Pebble Smartwatch. You are distinguished mainly by its long battery life, and through their user friendly software and save the carrier from the permanent get out your phone out of your pocket. In my opinion the Pebble time best for tech-savvy, athletic people is intended, while the Pebble Time Steel rather the more classic style, which would however banish the technique not from his life. In my opinion both watches are often more men than women watches. Also hangs together that both seem a little clunky on the wrist so and look more at the LG G watch remember.

And large Pebble with the time of Pebble & the Pebble time Steel however brought classic a good successor to the successful Pebble on the market and is in my opinion on par with the major technology companies Samsung, Apple, LG and co. You will receive all other information about the clocks on our special page or on the website of the Smartwatch manufacturer.