Pebble: the Wristwatch That Connects To iPhone or Android

A gadget that soon must invade the life of many people on a daily basis will not be in the Palm of your hand and a little below the wrist. Called Pebble, it’s a Smartwatch clock, or watches that do more than display the time, creating a new level in human-machine interaction. This is a new project of Kickstarter success should soon break into the shelves.

Built with ARM architecture and an e-paper display, similar to those used in Amazon’s Kindles, Pebble communicates via bluetooth for an application and free, with your iPhone or Android displaying in your display several notifications, such as:

  • caller ID;
  • new mail alerts;
  • Facebook messages;
  • your agenda commitments alerts;
  • Mentions and messages on Twitter;
  • weather forecast;
  • alarm, Timer and Stopwatch;
  • distance and speed, useful for those running or riding, obtained via direct GPS;
  • SMS warnings, only for Android by Apple block access to this type of notification.

In addition to these items, anything else that comes into your head of developers around the world can work in Pebble, like Whatsapp alerts, Skype, Boxcar, etc, since the SDK for applications will be free and distributed apps on Pebble watchapp store.

The Nokia watch comes with 4 buttons that can be used to switch applications or perform specific functions within each as for example, change the music being played or answer the phone. The gadget will initially be sold in 3 colors, is water-resistant and the scratches and the bracelet can be exchanged for any other that is in default of 22 mm.

The technical specifications are:

  • 144 x 168 pixels screen in black and white e-paper
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • 4 buttons
  • internal vibrating Motor for alerts
  • 3-axis accelerometer with gesture detection
  • compatibility with iOS and Android 2.3 5.0

The project on Kickstarter asked initially $100000 to be able to work out and reached for the first 2 hours. At the time this post was written he already surpassed the mark of $391,000 and 3,003 people. Pros who want to reserve a unit of the smartwatch clock the minimum value of collaboration is $115, plus $15 for shipping.