Pebble Smartwatch: Now with Real Fitnesstracking

The Smartwatches from the House of Pebble have prepared a good piece the market, even before the release of well-known models such as the Apple Watch. To attract many customers also in future, Pebble has now published a new update that turns into a device with real Fitnesstracking as a pebble health from the Smartwatches.

Pebble health: New Fitnesstracking

The update will be provided free for almost all Pebble Smartwatches, only the models of classic and classic steel are excluded from compliance. In contrast to many other applications, Pebble Health will choose a differentiated approach.

Among other things was in the development of the update worked closely with Stanford University , for one to have an unerring algorithm on board and on the other hand, to differentiate themselves from similar solutions, since the algorithm is tailored specifically to individual profiles.

Pebble user should stay permanently

Say: while many other Fitnesstracker with specifications à la 10,000 steps Act on the day, the Pebble health goals are calculated individually based on the personal profile. Pebble user indefinitely at their Smartwatch should be bound.

Pebble health is indeed compatible with Google fit and Apple’s health app which can be used for see advanced data. With this step, Pebble could have made a good move in the direction of a continued successful future.