Pebble Acquires Powers of Quantifier Thanks to Its New Update

In the field of personal quantification, there is a great battle that has intensified with the passage of time, where there are new companies that have launched their products for all types of users and under all kinds of budgets, but there are also old acquaintances who have jumped on the bandwagon, because this market is growing by the day and is already able to Bill for only $ billion.

There are many types of quantification, from the classic measuring our steps, our heart rate, quality of sleep, even those who tell us how we are in our sexual activity. Inside these devices, they are dedicated bracelets, as well as sensors, but many smartwatches have also implemented solutions to measure physical activity, and within these, is turn that Pebble integrate this function into your devices Thanks to your most recent update.

Hello Pebble Health

A few moments ago, Pebble finishes give a very good news to all those owners of a Pebble Time, Time Steel and Time Round clock, since they just released a software update that brings us the arrival of Pebble Health, the platform of the company health, same that integrates natively on your Timeline platform and makes use of the sensors of the clock, that it is compatible with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

Pebble Health has been developed by researchers at Stanford University, and will allow us to have data in real time, so graphics how our physical activity, this because It will measure our steps and our quality of sleep, but it will not only show statistics, they will also offer advice, how how much need to walk according to our daily activity or how we are compared to days or weeks earlier, while on the part of the dream, it will recommend what is the best time to go to sleep.

In addition to this, Pebble is releasing a new API so developers have access to the information that collects the clock and integrate it into their applications, or you can create new skins for the clock with this information.

Pebble Health includes for free through 3.8.0 for Android app and update the 3.5 for iPhone app.

The Timeline interface is coming to Pebble Classic

If this outside little, Pebble is also launching its new interface and Timeline platform compatibility, premiered in the family Time, for their first Pebble Classic and Pebble Steel devices.

With this, the range of products Pebble is unifies under one platform, something that will make many applications compatible on any watch company, in addition to facilitating the work of developers to create applications.

The new interface is integrated for free in the latest update of firmware 3.8.