NIKE + Running Adds a TomTom and Garmin as Partners, Would an App Imminent for The Apple Watch?

2014 was very important for Nike. After years promoting his role in the wearable market with several different models, called Fuelbands, in the end he decided to retract. In the middle of year they closed its hardware division and announced his intention of becoming a sports platform open to other companies.

As part of the plan, integrated many of their apps with HealthKit, the health centre that incorporate the iPhone from iOS 8. However, the ambitions of the sports company go much further. Today made public an alliance with four companies very tucked in the sports market. It is of Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo Fitness and Netpulse.

With these signings, Nike hopes to be able to serve a much wider audience and recruit him into their community of running and points system. This way they can focus on development and further boost its software, leaving in the hands of third parties with experience in the design and production of hardware. To connect to one of these devices, the user will not have more than the steps described within the own app.

We must remember that Garmin is one of the most important manufacturers of wearables of the moment. TomTom is the classic manufacturer of GPS for the car which also sells bracelets quantifier. Wahoo Fitness has various accessories in its portfolio of products, including several sensors heart rate for athletes. Finally, Netpulse is a company designing apps tailored for chains of gyms to improve commitment to its customers.

All of them have compatible accessories for iOS and apps in the Apple mobile platform, in addition to other competition. But still there is more behind this issue.

An app for Nike for the Apple Watch

All is known the traditional relationship between Apple and Nike. Tim Cook is part of its Board of Directors since 2005, and just a year later saw the result of the efforts of both companies with the creation of the Alliance between Nike + and iPod. The relationship continued to strengthen to the point that all iPhones come with functionality Nike + iPod installed in series.

A few months before Nike announced that it was abandoning the wearables market we saw how some key employees began to abandon ship. One of them was Jay Blahnik, who is now Director of fitness and health with Apple technologies and that we can see in this video from the Watch Apple exposed last September:

Another key employee of the Fuelband team is Ben Shaffer, now an industrial engineer at Apple. Here we have other two engineers and here the head of social marketing for Nike.

But what is really interesting aren’t these contracts but the words that said Nike CEO just last year after the presentation of the Apple Watch:

The sports company It remains committed to a relationship with Apple (9:45 min approximately) and Parker says that both companies can do things together that, alone, would not be possible. For all this, it wouldn’t be nothing strange to see someone in the Nike Team step onto the podium for the presentation of this Monday.

There are many people who doubt the usefulness of smart Apple clock. To dispel them, the company of Tim Cook will on apps from external developers, most likely that Nike is part of that select group. A few weeks ago that Aitor Carbajo we reported on how some of them were being invited to Cupertino to finish their apps.

Now, apps of fitness and workout that we saw in September at the Watch will be sufficient for most of the users of the clock. But for those looking for something more in a wearable and athletes who may be deemed the watch of Apple as a good candidate, they need a more professional solution.

Nike has a community, a system of motivation, contact and experience with that segment making it a great way to enhance the value of Apple Watch. Just left a couple of days so leave doubts and see the Watch that we hope to see.