New Balance Runiq: Google Offers Android Wear-Smartwatch Musicoffline

At the consumer electronics show last year new balance should have announced an Android wear Smartwatch for end of 2016, as Android reported police. While this period already missed, but at CES 2017 has called the sporting goods manufacturer for further details to the wearable as well as a timely release date.
Therefore, the Smartwatch is already beginning February 2017 on the market. As the name suggests, the new balance RunIQ is especially suited for sporting activities. For this, include a GPS module is available that can determine your location independent Smartphone links. Also, the Android is wear gadget also able to record the heart rate. Sustainable use of both features, the battery of the Smartwatch should give up the ghost but after 5 hours. Without these features, battery according to the manufacturer is less than 24 hours.
Synchronization with Google music
Under the hood, an Intel’s Atom Z34XX chipset for responsible performance, which uses 512 MB of RAM. Also, the new balance RunIQhas 4 GB internal memory. In conjunction with Google music can beon the Rome via synchronization memorize some songs, which canbe played without Smartphone. For this, the Android wear-gadget around with a Bluetooth headset must be paired.
The new balance RunIQ comes with a round design and offers additional physical buttons, to indicate, for example, the beginning or the end of a training session without any detours the wearable. Fromthe official Web site of the manufacturer, the Android is preorder wear gadget now at a price of 375 euro. The official release is on the2nd February 2017, extradition for pre-order but scheduled for endof January.