Motorola Reveals More Details About Smart Bike Watch 360 In Hangout

The announcement of the Bike 360 left the world surprised on the afternoon of Tuesday (18), but few details about him were revealed. To clarify the main questions, theMotorola hosted a hangout for journalists, open to the public, this Wednesday (19), but revealed little.

Remember: Motorola introduces the Bike 360, your smart watch with Android Wear

One of the questions most asked by guests, none has been answered: neither price nor data were revealed. But the date had your advantage, with few details about the development of the Bike 360 Vice-President of design detailed Motorola, Jim Wicks.

According to the Executive, to create the design of the Bike 360, the first decision they took was to not “defy gravity”, avoiding the development of a heavy product. Much has been commented on smart watches ever released and how they “to look good on your arm and have a good design”, but, for him, “one ‘ wow ‘. And that is ‘ wow ‘ you bet “.

Among the stakes, one of the most notable in the Bike 360 is the circular display. For Wicks, but him refer to “old” design of the watches I’ve ever met in the market, the team realized that clock in the square screens, the edges kept bugging and tapping into the hands and wrist.

Yet in the interview, the Executive explained that the Bike 360 uses the Android Wear pure, unmodified, but the team made sure that the person using it can always see what time it is-making it clear that he still is a clock. The difference, according to Wicks, is that you can talk to the watch and ask things like “where is this” or “How do I do that”. In this case, simply tap the display and view the cards of Google Now, with correct directions to get to the location you want to go. The intention is to “deliver the most relevant information.

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In your construction, Wicks explained that the 360 has a body made of brushed steel and glass with polished edges. The bracelets, with options in genuine leather and brushed steel, can be exchanged easily, by any user or by a professional who understands watches.

Without delving into the details, it was revealed that the Bike 360 is waterproof and will work with all Motorola smartphones, as well as on any Android smartphones with versions from 4.3. As for battery life, the Executive has to say that this was one of the priorities that Motorola gave the Bike 360, but not showed no relevant information on the subject.