Motorola Gives Up To Do Smart Watches For a While

If you were one of the few people who had a Bike 360 and was waiting for a new model of it, we have some bad news. Motorola and Lenovo confirmed today that they have no plans to release a new smart watch in the near future. Companies do not fully ruled out this market, but for now there is nothing on the way.

In an interview with The Verge, the global head of product development at Motorola, Debasish Barkat, said the company “does not see enough demand in the market to launch [a new smartwatch clock] right now.” “Wearable Devices do not have a broad enough appeal for us to continue working on them year after year,” he continued.

Keeping the hope of fans, Barkat said that “we believe that the fist still has value and that there will be a point where they get more value for consumers than they bring today”. However, according to Engadget, he confirmed that the company has no launch that line scheduled to any point in the near future.

Market parking

Motorola’s decision makes sense: the smart watches market comes passing by successive falls in sales and a growing concentration around the Apple Watch. In payhelpcenter, a survey by IDC revealed a drop of 51.6% in the number of units sold of these devices between the third quarter of 2015 and 2016.

During this period, Lenovo, specifically, saw a fall of 73.3% on wearable devices, which would justify her decision to stay away, at least temporarily, on the market. Even Apple, although it has remained in the lead of the market, lost 71.6% of its sales in that period. The only company to win space year after year was the Garmin, which makes smart watches focused on health and wellness, and whose sales grew giddy 324%.

Google itself doesn’t seem to be excited about the sector. The search giant is responsible for producing Android Wear, the operating system used by several smart watches, and announced in September that it would delay the next version of the system to 2017.