Moto 360: Gel File Product Images Show The Smartwatch

Since @evleaks has struck again: on Saturday published the well-known investigative bloggers multiple product images matter vonMotorolas Moto 360 via Twitter. They do not betray something great, the Smartwatch is reflected in the expected design – namely classic round. It is exciting when at last held the release of the wearables.
There are a total of five pictures published by @evleaks after the announcement via Twitter, in this case on his Web page. You show theSmartwatch from almost all sides – and in two color variants. Whilethe a wearable has a metallfarbenes body, the other clock in a noble black wraps up. The dial of round Smartwatch is classic as well assimple, the Moto is 360 on indices instead of numbers for the times. However, the question still arises: the case in both cases will consist of metal? Or Motorola but opts for cheap plastic?
The features of Motorola’s first Smartwatch with Android wear
In the past few months, we could already throw several views of theSmartwatch: the Moto 360 has been spotted in the wild and had to speak to a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon. There are also already demo video and a clip with a developer to the Smartwatch showing to see. Thus already basic features of the Moto 360 are not aware, about the language input.
Below the dial with the time, the smart watch displays, for example,the most important notification, a carried upward swipe brings it inthe full screen. More swipes can perform more notifications, deletethem, or call details. Certainly, us should expect but the one or twosurprises – just the mentioned discussion for which material Motorola now decides the case.
Release of the Moto 360 sometime in the summer
Will also remain exciting when Motorola brings its Moto 360 on themarket: according to rumors the Smartwatch should in July appearand cost around 250 euros – first traders offered short time to preorder the wearable. However, the smart watch is now long overdueand there was no further statement in which month the release should now fall. The first Smartwatch with Android wear is, however, nolonger are they, with this reputation, the LG can adorn themselves the G watch.