Microsoft Band: Game with Smartwatch Control Surfaced

Compared to Apple, Samsung & co. has embarked on Microsoft at its Smartwatch, the Microsoft Band (2), another way. Namely, the Microsoft version is a Fitnesstracker, which therefore comes with advanced features, for example the ability to check email, which is not possible with many other fitness wristbands.

Microsoft band: Smartwatch game

However, an interesting app in the Windows store showed up now, which is displayed under the name “FYCPT”. This is a Smartphone or tablet to a game that will use the Microsoft tape device for the control to function as – in addition to is apparently still an another Microsoft device is required, either.

With the Microsoft volume level across the stage to go within the taxes, which the fitness bracelet could be extended to an interesting feature like a vintage watch. Unfortunately, it is not known whether “FYCPT” is intended for consumers, since the app only for an internal beta test in the store was listed.

Internal beta test as a single note

Probably, the app was publicly shown due to an error so that a speedy removal should be the result. Possibly the game is but also an indication that Microsoft is planning an extension of the functions of his fitness Tracker – exciting this option always.