Meet Nokia’s Watch That Microsoft Never Released

By little Microsoft has not had your own competitor to Android and Apple Watch Wear. Before Nokia be bought by Windows, the Finnish giant was developing the “Moonraker”, codename for a smart watch that would use the aesthetics of Windows Phone and if you would connect to the cell phones of the company.

The device came very close to being released, and came to be displayed to some potential clients at Mobile World Congress, held last year in Barcelona. The Man should have been presented with the Lumia 930 in April 2014.

However, April 2014 also was the time that Nokia finally completed the merger with Microsoft, I wasn’t crazy about the idea and chose not to release the smartwatch, explains the site holidaysort.

The project was canceled primarily because Microsoft already had planned to launch the Band, a smart bracelet devoted mainly to drills. The explanation is that the bracelet had more features.

The clock would use the Metro interface and have applications for email, phone, messages. There would also be a function to use the watch as a remote control to trigger the smartphone camera. The Moonraker also have integration with Facebook and MixRadio, with customizable dials and bracelets.

Only now, more than a year after the release date the Moonraker came to light. No, Microsoft will not release the clock. A Tumblr of Microsoft employee Pei-Chi Hsieh shows what would be the smartwatch clock that was never released.

The images were discovered by journalist Evan Blass, known also by the leaks of @evleaks profile on Twitter.