LG G Watch 2 With LTE? New Spotted Smartwatch In The United States

LG has already developed some Smartwatches and the next seemsto be already on the way. A database entry of the mobile radio agency FCC now provides information on the not even featured wearable – and even some photos. Could it be perhaps G watch 2 clock the LG?
Much unfortunately reveals the FCC does not yet have the yet unknown Smartwatch, yet can be also by the limited information and above all by the supplied photos some derive. The display will thereforehave a diagonal of 1.77 inches and one to judge from the photos have square shape. It is not therefore probably a descendant of therundenLG G watch R.
Successor to the LG G watch with modem for mobile?
Although the screen of the Smartwatch is a tiny bit bigger than theerstenLG G watch, however, the new model so far most resembles this wearable of the manufacturer. It could be so perhaps actually Gwatch 2 a LG. Since the clock uses but according to FCC entry alsomobile, a further suffix would be possible. The LG watch urban withbuilt-in modem called the manufacturer, for example, LG watch urban LTE. The question is exciting for the installed operating system. Because Android wear allows no direct communication via mobile phone, the supposed LG might possibly run G watch 2 as the last LTE-enabled wearable by LG with WebOS.
When LG introduces its new Smartwatch is not apparent from the FCC entry. It is possible that the manufacturer just like Samsung IFA 2015 for uses in Berlin as a stage. The fair starts on September 4. Some manufacturers such as ASUS but also already use the day before the opening to hold their press conferences.