LG Also Has Its Luxury Watch, Puts His Watch Urbane Gold and Crocodile

While not stopping appear watches of all kinds and forms, the watchmaking of life rely on its market niche is untouchable, with exclusive products, with high quality materials. Some as LG they want to disturb a little creating special editions of models that are already in the market, such as the Watch Urbane.

As it is standard in the Korean firm, it teaches us hours products until the real presentation takes place in IFA 2015. What we find is with a LG Watch Urbane Luxe, that is distinguished by the Gold 23 karat – we understand that bathed – and the use of crocodile leather straps.

According to LG, the choice of the 23 carats, instead of 24, it is to achieve a stronger material. They also say that it is more resistant than the commonly used in watchmaking 18kt. Change going to cost each $1,200, that is almost four times what the model is based on costs.

They develop materials in timeless to your new watch? They could have designed a model from scratch

The belt is made in alligator skin, using a process of fifty paces. Regarding the closure, it also changes, from the typical ‘belt’ with holes to a “deployant clasp” type Louis Carter.

With the original model, technically, few differences We will find: circular screen OLED 1.3-inch Snapdragon 400, 410mAh battery, Android Wear. These data are less important to the type of purchaser of these products, but if you want to know him better, there you have a touchdown of the first model:

For the preparation of exquisite limited version, LG has worked with American Jewelers of REEDS. For now only will sell 500 units, each of them marked with a serial number that distinguishes them. Will be on sale – booking – at the end of the month, to get into the hands of buyers in October.

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