Lenovo Raises a Smartwatch with a Mini Display in The Bracelet: Becomes Magic View

We have already known the new Motorola devices in various sections, but one of the most anticipated was the new Moto360 has confirmed the bet by design and customization by the firm. Now Lenovo, the parent company of Motorola, wants to take this device to take it a little further.

The singular idea of Lenovo is the offer a small screen on the bracelet. The so-called “Magic View” It is a mini display that is located at the bottom of the clock and that is attached to the wrist. The used technology seems to inherit many of the features of Google Glass, and the idea certainly raises interesting alternatives for use.

Waiting for a real application

In Lenovo they have taken advantage of the design of the new Moto360 but adding that small viewfinder – is not properly a screen- works like a Prism: the projected light on it displays an image, but on the contrary of what happened at Google Glass, where the viewer was transparent, here we have a solid color background black, which is offering precisely the physical bracelet.

Although in images captured by Ars Technica is not appreciated the real result, if they claim that the effect is that of a screen with great clarity and in which projected images and information are perfectly When one gaze at it from the right angle.

Now Magic View is just a concept, but may someday see a real implementation of one of the most original ideas that I have seen – together with that model with screen e-ink from Sony – in the segment of the smartwatches.