Launch of the Smart Watch Pebble Is Postponed

Pebble Smartwatch clock is more a product of success even before being released. The example of the Ouya, a console that will run Android games, the Pebble is a smart watch whose design also received donations through collective financing, or “crowd founding”.

In a few months, the Pebble Smartwatch clock exceeded so the astronomical $100000 goal established at the beginning and already has more than $10 million in fundraising. Now, while the device is ready, the donors were able to vote in the first color model that will be produced, and the winner was the Orange.

Launch Postponed

A posting on the website of collective financing Kickstarter made by owners of the project gave new information about the release date. Originally scheduled for September 2012, the arrival of Pebble to its first donors/investors was postponed and no new date has to happen.

The big reason pointed out by developers was the success of the device. At first, the idea was to gather $100000 to build 1000 units of the Pebble. With the superarrecadaĆ§Ć£o, the worked increased greatly, forcing its creators to offer nothing less than 85000 copies to those who invested in the project.

Meet the Pebble

It is called “smart clock” by working seamlessly with iPhone and Android, allowing the download of new interfaces as well as the installation of applications. More information about the vintage watches can be found at the website.