Jay Blahnik, Former Expert of Nike and Apple Watch Engineer, Discusses How He Created The Roles of Health and Fitness

Before being signed by Apple in August 2013, Jay Blahnik, was already recognized as an expert in the sport who had worked for companies such as Nike, Gatorade, or General Electric. Now, in a internal article sent to Apple employees, Blahnik talks about the process of creation of the health and fitness of the Apple Watch functions, as well as the philosophy on which rose apps training and activity.

“Sit less, move more, and get some exercise”

As with the Nike Fuelband, a product that Blahnik also played a key role, the basis of all is the desire to challenge us every day; remind us of a simple and visual way of the areas in which we are failing to motivate us to get up from the Chair but only be to stretch your legs.

I leave you with the full translation of the article…

When Tim introduced Apple Watch, said it will be “our most personal device.” The creation of this amazing product has had almost all the teams here at Apple. To give you an idea of how much we’ve put in the Apple Watch, take a look at one of the aspects of the product: health and fitness.
“The space of health and fitness is relatively new for Apple, and had much to learn to make the best product possible,” says Jay Blahnik. This expert on the subject, came to the company a year and a half ago to help shape the characteristics of activity and Apple Watch training.
“We had to study conditions in which device could be put and increase our knowledge about how to measure the activity and exercise throughout the day. The scale at which we sell our product, could not confine ourselves to use algorithms off-the-shelf. We had to build our own knowledge base from scratch. In many ways, research and tests of health and fitness that we have are historical. We have studied more people, and more able to research most of the universities have ever made”, assures.
Apple Watch includes two applications to help you live a better day-to-day being more active: the training app and the app activity. The app training is designed to work as a sports watch during workouts such as running, walking, bicycling and exercise on cardio equipment at the gym.
“Of course, the app train was a challenge since it had to function as a high-end sports watch, but should also be easy to use and visually motivating”, says Jay.
The biggest challenge, adds, was the activity app. “From the first day, we wanted to build something iconic, not just another version of a pedometer. We keep asking ourselves what we could do to measure the activity of all day that would be more useful than traditional quantifiers in daily activity.”
The answer was a simple philosophy: “sit less, move more, and get some exercise”, says. “That became the guiding principle upon which we build the app activity.”