Is Official, Apple Watch You Can Finally Buy Fitness at The Apple Stores

On April 24, 2015 was launched the latest device from Apple, its premiere in a new market segment that so far it was unknown to them. Apple Watch came to all the users in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

But something was different to all other releases of the company, because for the first time the sale was limited to shopping online and some exclusive boutiques, i.e., if we were going to a physical Apple Store only could see the clock, but not buy it. But finally, to nearly two months of launch, Apple Watch are landing at the Apple Stores.

This week we have seen how they have jumped the first tracks that Apple Watch would be coming to the Apple Stores for direct purchase in store, and today Apple has confirmed the fact. As of today, June 19 Apple Watch is available in all the Apple Stores and shops of dealers in any of the nine countries where you can currently buy clock.

Apple has also implemented the collection in store for online shopping, with this we can buy a Apple Watch through the online store and go to any Apple Store to pick it up the same day of purchase, In addition to in-store will help us with the configuration and customization of the clock.

Apple Watch in Spain and Mexico with online sales and physics from June 26

With this we can also confirm that Friday 26 June is when the second stage of the launch of the clock, the sale will be both online and physical in all Apple stores as well as dealers. What we still need to confirm is if there will be booking days leading up to the launch, but of course we will be on the lookout.

It seems that finally the production of Apple Watch has regularized.