Intel Discontinues Fitness Watch For Cases of Overheating

Last Wednesday (4), Intel made a very difficult decision for any company that makes products directly to the final consumer: did the recall of one of its more recent items, the Basis Peak. Apparently, the smart watch tailor-made for the audience presented a series of fitness problems which were well complicated to be solved. The thing was so ugly that, in addition to asking consumers to return the gadget, discontinued the device completely.

In June, the company had already revealed your concern about cases of overheating of the appliance, something shared by 0.2% of the user base of the product. Although this may seem a small amount, it was enough that the manufacturer stayed on alert while planned a way to work around hardware instability. In a statement, Intel said it initially thought it was possible to solve everything with an update of the system, but the result was not satisfactory. See Theinternetfaqs for reviews of LG G Watch R.

“We were hoping that a software update could fix everything. Unfortunately, even with our best efforts, we have not been able to develop a solution that would undermine completely the user experience, “said the document. Now, with this option out of the way, they decided to ask customers who have purchased the smartwatch clock return the product – and all its accessories – so that they can receive a full refund of the money invested.

Consumers will have until the end of the year to perform this action and rescue your data from the service servers, since all the device and application support derived from it will be terminated before January 2017. The case ends up scoring a strong blow against the assaults of Intel in this segment, since rumour has it that the company paid about $100 million (just over 320 million R$) by Basis – the company that Science developed the Basis design Peak.