Improve Batteries in Smartwatches Passes through Should Give Square

It will not work in all cases, since not all watches are circular, but in a large part of the market, you will notice an improvement if LG is that the battery technology. The Department responsible for these purposes, LG Chem, It teaches us a new battery-shaped Hex, that better leverages the reduced space and forms that have the new smart watches.

If there is something that is difficult to improve today is the autonomy of mobile devices, every day more capable, with philosophy of enduring a day on foot as a main challenge. In the world of the flowering smartwatches the thing was not going to be different, with the complication that there is less space to play.

LG Chem already showed us in the past that he had no problem to create batteries that adapt to phones, with a stair-step pattern which used best inside the total area of the terminal. They also taught us flexible and thread-shaped batteries, but the next practical step has to do with passing batteries square round bodies.

Square battery LG Watch Urbane, courtesy of iFixit

The curious thing is that it is rumored that the first device to release the Hex drums will not be LG, not Apple, but a third mysterious name

The battery is exclusively designed for watches, and according to the Korean company, the new design may allow improve by 25% autonomy a battery square, housed in the same space. Refers to an improvement of 4 hours in the final autonomy.

If we’re going to see the inside of a LG Watch Urbane in iFixit, we can see that the battery is completely square, and while there is too much space to grow it there inside, we understand that leverage with a hexagon that surface should have a benefit clear.

LG Chem is intended to develop more batteries with different designs, to accommodate hardware with innovative designs. We can think of batteries with L-shape, or units where there is a fair hole in the Middle.

LG Chem intends to become the leading manufacturer of batteries for mobile devices – tablets, watches, phones, wearables – 2018.