iMacwear I9: Smartwatch Phone with 2.5D-Glas

Many wearables are targeting different areas: some smart bands aimed specifically at athletes, other Smartwatches want to attract especially fashionable customers. At the iMacwear I9 buyer equal to advantages of both worlds get, say: an attractive design combined with many features.

iMacwear I9: attractive Smartwatch phone

Only once before starting: the iMacwear I9 is a Smartwatch phone that provides accordingly even more options. For example the 1.54-inch IPS touchscreen, which is protected with 2.5D-Glas and accordingly offers a good protection against many external influences is very interesting.

Continue to the following functions are on board: a MediaTek MTK2502 CPU, 64 MB RAM, 128 MB ROM, a LTE chip, a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels, Bluetooth 4.0, voice control, a pedometer, a sleep monitor, as well as various other fitness characteristics. The iMacwear I9 is compatible both with Apple iOS and Google Android brings OS, what many freedoms to use with it.

Many options and features including

In the online shop of touch screen LED watch you can buy also the iMacwear I9 in the moment with an attractive discount in conjunction. In combination with 60% discount, making the price for you to just 55.88 euros is what is a very good offer given the function.