IFA Assists Flood of Smart Watches


Berlin–Pens, screen TVs 3D curve and 8 k resolution high definition cameras, surveillance drones, new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and various technologies for the connected home. Despite the abundance of attractions, none of the categories of latest products presented at IFA, Berlin technology fair that happened between 5 and 10 September, was no match for the wearable, especially those made for use on the wrist.

Smart Watches and bracelets appeared in the stands of almost all major manufacturers, most using the Android operating system Wear, created by Google, and dominated the public’s attention. If on the one hand, yet it is not known whether this type of attachment is going to be successful in sales, on the other hand it is clear that there are at least interested in better understanding what if offers.

In the stands of the marks, the public watched closely for new mobile phones, cameras and high-definition TVs, but nothing compared to the effect of “wearables”, the wearable. The queues to test the new watches and bracelets were enormous, and smart spaces dedicated to other promising technologies, such as Smart Homes, were lonely next to the tactile appeal of a product that can be placed on their wrist and easily tested.

The giant Samsung’s booth, the audience has stuck pointing her wrists into the air and taking pictures next to the clock smart Gear S, testing the device and recording the scene for posterity.

“The wearable, especially when connected to a system that integrates your House and your smartphone content, for example, can be great facilitators in time to let the drill more quickly and safely,” said at the fair BK Yoon, CEO of Samsung, underscoring the potential use of this type of device in the connected home.

Although the market for such devices is still in its infancy, the excitement seen in fair assumes that there is room for this type of appliance. In addition, without the old clock face or gadget heavy, models like the Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch or Apple iWatch are attractive for a consumer who doesn’t want to be seen using a product aesthetically compromising according to Topb2bwebsites.


The companies, there seems to be a frenzied race to take off and then occupy a prominent place in a new category of electronics, in the same way as happened with the tablets for a few years, thread that already shows signs of wear.

The fact that there were strong rumours that Apple would your own Smart Watch (as indeed happened) in an event that would coincide with the penultimate day of the fair, put extra pressure on the companies. In addition to your initial focus on physical activity and health, and smart bracelets have gained a lot of extra features, most of them linked to a smartphone “array”.

Among the products presented, the smart watch from Samsung, the Gear S, get a 3 g chip that completely replaces the phone, making and receiving calls, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access and playback of songs. Sony was present with two releases: the SmartBand Talk, smart bracelet that acts like a normal watch, but makes calls to pre-programmed numbers and serves as electronic diary from the Lifelog application, and the SmartWatch clock 3, with 4 gigabytes of memory, LCD screen and waterproof support.