HTC With Wearable-Offensive: First Smartwatch To MWC

Wearables seems itself to have discovered a Smartwatch, a secondwith Google now support and a smart bracelet – HTC. At the MWC2014 at least the first of the three devices will be presented already.It is not yet clear whether they all will actually on the market.
According to a report from Bloomberg HTC will bring 2014 the firstresult of his efforts outside of the Smartphone business to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. If the two other devices between February 24 and 27 also will be in the Spanish city it is, however, unclear. Bloomberg calls for an anonymous, probably familiar with HTCs plans source.
HTC wearables behind closed doors
A public presentation is apparently intended for none of the threedevices. Instead, at least the first HTC Smartwatch behind closed doors will be presented representatives of the network providers. Thedevice should be based on Qualcomm’s Toq and modeled on theiroffer an energy-saving mirasol display also Bluetooth and a music player.
In addition, still a second Smartwatch at HTCin is working according to the Bloomberg report. Instead of mirasol she opts for an AMOLED screen and also brings the digital personal assistant Google now. The latter feature is yet not a competitor with Google itself to work on an own device of this kind. HTC wearable number three will eventually be a smart bracelet with touchscreen, music player, and motion sensors.
If and when the three HTC devices eventually come on the market, is still unclear. Executive Director Cher Wang, but recently announced that the holiday shopping season 2014 a wearable of your company will be available.