How To Choose His Watch? Three Criteria To Be Considered

The shows of today, jewel by excellence for men, no longer has that you only function to tell the time. She can tell you the number of not covered in the day, use GPS, with built-in programs, a heart rate monitor function and more. But these features are they all necessary? How to buy a watch?

Before start you shopping for a watch, here are three criteria to monitor to help you make a choice you won’t regret.

Its functions

If some shows offer only, with ease, you give the time, others rely on a range of functions to seduce customers. For example, the Apple Watch watch, the most popular of the connected watch. Alone, she allows to send e-mails, make calls, calculate your calories in a day, receive SMS, browse your photo album, remote control of your TV, guide you around the city via a card, give you the weather, etc. Is not nothing.

Note the functions you need on a daily basis and communicate them to the seller. If you are a sportsman or a businessman, you will have no doubt of the different need. The ultimate question in this kind of purchase techno is of course: do you really need a mini-computer in your wrist? The question arises, especially when it comes to invest hundreds of dollars.

Its operation

Watches do not work in the same way. This criterion may seem trivial to you, but he’s playing for a lot among connoisseurs. There are actually three types of movements in a watch: quartz, mechanical or automatic. Which is best for you? If the quartz watch is generally the most accessible on the market, the automatic model that appeals more.

Its appearance

Difficult to ignore aesthetics. Leather, metal or rubber bracelet? The first, very elegant, is in a very light way. The second risk to get out the Alpha in you and the last suit you better if you are a sportsman. Do you intend to wear for an evening at the restaurant, to work or to the grocery store? Would you like it to be subtle or the dial is visible on your wrist? Before making the purchase of your watch, ask yourself these questions.